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2B2Venture addresses the needs of the venture capital community.

The increasing pressure caused by decreasing investment capital combined with a troublesome past year, have driven many venture capital firms to defocus and become "baby-sitters", "troubleshooters", and "angels" for last years superstars. This prevents them from focusing on new offerings and raising cash for those new offerings.

2B2VentureSMcombines our 2B2AssistSM, 2B2HelpSM, 2B2LaunchSM and 2B2StartSM services with additional executive level support for fiscal management, legal, and restructure specifically required by the venture capital community.

2B2VentureSM is:


Startup Assistance

Road Show Preparation

Pre-Launch Publicity

Opportunity Management

Crisis Management


                        The plan sounds good, needs more work and clarification.
                        The plan is failing, not clear - needs work.
                        Retool "on the fly" - Need more sails (sales).

Mid- Life
                        The plan will not work.
                        Need more revenue, acquisition may be the key.
                        Reorganize for growth and performance.

                       Are we ready to exit, valuations.
                       It's just not working - restructure, divest.
                       Shut the doors or downsize.
                       Merger or acquisition - smooth transitions.

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